To anyone still working on NaNo, all the best of luck finishing by Tuesday night! The last few days are the hardest for me, but I remember the feeling of accomplishment last year. So if you're still in the race, my hat is off to you. See you at the finish line.
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yay Halloween

Halloween this year for me will be rather uneventful - this weekend falls on one of the craziest weekends of the year for CMU - the CMU vs. WMU game, huge rivalry, so I've been scheduled to work all weekend, including tomorrow night. I am, however, going to wear a costume to work - what should it be? I need some super crafty and fast suggestions, because I just found out yesterday that I could wear one, and am totally excited to get the chance to do it! What do you picture your bartender dressed as? And please.... I like to be covered up....

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Love Birds

Halloween Fun!!

I've been missing the feel-good-ness of this community!

So - make a post, if you feel so inclined - about your Halloween plans this year. Are you celebrating this year? Write about costumes, parties, candy, scary stories, pumpkins.... anything. :)

I didn't have a costume this year - no where to wear one! But I did carve a pumpkin a few nights ago with my boyfriend.

pic of the pumpkinsCollapse )

Happy Halloween!

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how was your 4th?

Let's talk about our 4th of July experiences!

I spent mine at a family friend's - they live on a lake and we spent the whole time playing cards, getting sunburned, riding the jetski, eating REALLY good food, playing video games.... Just relaxing, having fun... I feel really rejuvenated and good.

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