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Today is Self-Injury Awareness Day. If you struggle with SI, know that you are worth everything and worthy of everything. And you are not alone. <3
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Poise has died, so here I am trying to resurrect it with a little of my own good news.

I have a husband as of May 8, 2006. I have a house in North Carolina as of May 13th, 2006. I can move into my house on June 6th, 2006. I have a puppy, but I can't remember when we bought her. And I have two lines on my EPT as of May 16th, 2006. :)

I am a very happy woman. :)
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I felt the need to celebrate a little:

We just finished our first big micro-teach in my foreign language teaching methods class. For it, we must write lesson plans and teach them to our peers while being videotaped, acting as if they were our students. The micro-teaches are a HUGE portion of our grade.

I taught the class about family vocab: How to say mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, uncle, and the like in Spanish. They also learned about the royal family of Spain, and we played a game. It was fun and I felt it went well.

We were being evaluated by our peers, by our professor, and by another professor who spoke our language (the main professor is a French professor, so he couldn't evaluate our accents or grammar). We were supposed to visit this professor outside of class to talk to him about the way we spoke and some of the errors we may have made and such.

I went and talked to him last Friday, and apparently I made the fewest errors, all silly superficial ones, and his overall impression was that I was very fluent and I had a great accent! I was so excited. He even told me that he thought I was the most fluent of the Spanish speakers in our class.

HOORAY! It sounds like silly tooting of one's own horn, but it made me feel so good to know that. :)
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Happy thought!

As of the 28th, I am legal! I can now tell my father that 1: I am engaged and 2: I joined the Army and 3: there's nothing he can do about it! lol.

(scary thought: I'm now able to buy cigarettes and work in strip joints. *shudder*)

Also, I dyed my hair this really pretty reddish brown color called cayenne red and it was all natural with no ammonia or bad stuff in it, so I did good things for the environment today, as well as for my poor head, which has eczema and hates to have its hair dyed. It didn't itch at all for the 40 whole minutes I had the dye in! Yay.

Anybody else incredibly cheerful lately??
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i need happy thoughts my way >.< my toofs hurt. (two wisdom teeth giving me fits) (cant sleep and have to work tonight)

on the other hand I dont feel ugly today.
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here's a happy thought!

Winter is cold, and many people aren't too fond of it....

But who isn't fond of hot chocolate??? Without winter we wouldn't have the need for it, therefore.... Winter = necessary.



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san lang, hua cheng

happy thought

I have a happy thought I wanted to share:

The sun is setting later each day now that we've passed December 21st, so it's still a little sunny once work ends!


If you have a happy thought, please feel free to share it.
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Okay, I just found out that Poise is NOT dead, it was only accidentally removed from my friends list. *pout*


I have happification updates.

1. I'm engaged as of November 18!

2. My fiance graduated from Parris Island on November 12th, so I have a shiny new Marine that I don't have to beg to get a haircut. *^_^*

3. Here's a happy picture! (Since I missed that post)

Me and my shiny new Marine!Collapse )
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